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CATS Achieves IS-BAH Certification


CATS Achieves IS-BAH Certification

CATS Achieves IS-BAH Certification

CATS achieves the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) certification for its operations in Curaçao. As described by National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), “IS-BAH, which is similar to the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, is a scalable, industry-developed code of best practices based on safety management system principles (SMS) adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization and other operations-critical industries”.

“On behalf of the International Business Aviation Council, I am delighted to be able to congratulate you, and the team members of CATS, on achieving The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) registration.” Said Kurt H. Edwards, Director General IBAC.

Of the company’s recent achievement, CEO Soenita Oedjaghir said, “The aviation industry is undergoing a safety evolution and we at CATS are making sure we evolve ahead of it. With our 34 years of experience in this industry, we were able prove our fitness for the next generation of International Standards in Aviation. After achieving this milestone, CATS will continue to improve its code of practices to deliver safe, reliable and efficient service to its clients.”

Customer Service and safety are a top priority within the company while it continues to grow internationally. Earlier this year, CATS opened its doors in Cuba, providing services for private jet users arriving at any airport on the Island. Services offered include; all General Aviation requests, aircraft fueling, trip planning and ground handling. Besides Curaçao and Cuba, an additional fbo facility will soon be announced. 


On the group picture from left to right:

Jurgen Celestijn Safety Manager, Vishal Oedjaghir ISBAH Project Manager,Viandhar Oedjaghir Operations Manager,Osty Moreno Field Manager.